Meet Prof. Danielle Freitas (ESL)

Danielle Freitas

Danielle has a Bachelor of Laws from Brazil, an MA in Second Language Education and in Comparative International Development Education from OISE, University of Toronto, and  several teaching qualifications from the University of Cambridge, including CELTA and DELTA. She is completing her… Read More

Meet Heather Asling (Academic Portfolio Administrator)

Heather joined the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in December 2015 as the Academic Portfolio Administrator for Janet Shuh and has been working for Sheridan as a part-time Professor in the Faculty of Business, teaching in the… Read More

Meet Monique Patrick (Program Support Specialist)

  Monique Patrick was thrilled to join Sheridan College in June 2015 as a Program Support Specialist. After obtaining a BA (Hons) in Communications from the University of Windsor, Monique hit the ground running and aimed at using her skills to break into the corporate… Read More

Meet Prof. Matthew Sheridan (Critical Media Theory and Computers)

Matthew Sheridan is a Professor of Critical Media Theory and Computers in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sheridan. Since joining Sheridan in 2014, Matthew has had the privilege of teaching courses in Technology and Society… Read More

Meet Kathleen Oakey (FHASS Librarian)

  Kathleen Oakey is the Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian for FHASS. She started at Sheridan in a contract position, quickly moving to an E-resources and FAST Liaison Librarian position in 2011. In 2015, Kathleen took over as the Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian and is loving this new role… Read More

Meet Professor Michelle Szabo (Environmental Studies and Sociology)

Michelle Szabo is a Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sheridan. She received her Ph.D in Environmental Studies from York University and was subsequently a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology… Read More

Meet Professor Alia Somani (English and Postcolonial Literature)

Alia Somani is delighted to join Sheridan College as a Professor of English and Postcolonial Literature. Before coming to Sheridan, Alia taught at various colleges and universities including Trent University, Centennial College, and the University of Toronto. Alia… Read More

Meet Professor Tania Iveson (ESL)

Tania started her teaching career at the age of six, when she mastered the ability to prop up all her stuffed animals and hold classes where each furry friend had its own task. With many informal years under… Read More

Meet Professor Nathaniel Barr (Creativity and Creative Thinking)

  Nathaniel Barr is a Professor of Creativity and Creative Thinking specializing in cognitive psychology who is excited at the prospect of understanding and enhancing creativity at Sheridan and beyond through cross-disciplinary collaboration. Prior to joining Sheridan, he… Read More

Meet Professor Jessica Carey (Literary and Cultural Studies)

Jessica is thrilled to be making her home at Sheridan after several years of being an itinerant teacher and scholar in English and Cultural Studies. Since receiving her doctorate from McMaster University in 2011, her career has included… Read More