Meet Prof. Jessica Merolli, Political Science

I recently moved back to my hometown, and greatest city in the world, Hamilton to join Sheridan as a Professor of Political Science. I held the Skelton-Clark Postdoctoral Fellowship in Canadian Affairs (2015-2017) at Queen’s University, and received… Read More

Meet Prof. Marcus Freeman, Pre-Health Sciences

My journey to Sheridan College has followed some interesting twists and turns.  I knew, as a high-school student, I was going to be a marine biologist. I took up SCUBA diving, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Marine… Read More

Meet Jill Noronha, Program Support Specialist

Jill Noronha joins the Faculty of Humanities of Social Sciences as Program Support from the Pilon School of Business. Looking for a new experience, Jill made the switch in August 2016. She is a graduate of Sheridan’s Business… Read More

Meet Prof. Paul Vermeersch (Publishing)

Paul Vermeersch is a Professor of Publishing in the Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences. An amateur visual artist, well known poet, and sought after literary editor, Paul is the author of several poetry collections and the… Read More

Meet Karen MacDonald, Academic Portfolio Administrator

Mid-September brought the newest Academic Portfolio Administrator, Karen MacDonald, to the FHASS team. Prior to joining Sheridan, Karen was the Manager of Audience Services at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. She was a key member of the management… Read More

Meet Lynn Easson-Irvine, Program Support Specialist

Lynn has a BA from Brock University with a concentration in Classical Art and Archaeology, and a Post Graduate Certificate from Sir Sandford Fleming College in Museum Management and Curatorship.  Her unique background and varied career has included… Read More

Meet Prof. Lisa Droogendyk (Psychology)

Lisa received her PhD in Social Psychology from Simon Fraser University in 2015. Her academic research interests are focused on collective action – when individuals take action to improve conditions for their group. She is especially interested in… Read More

Meet Gail McIntosh De Peza, Assistant to the Dean

I thought that I would never live anywhere else but in my native Trinidad and Tobago with my family. But life has a way of setting you on journeys that are far removed from where you thought you… Read More

Meet Prof. Peter Kikkert (Public History)

Peter Kikkert is a Professor of Public History in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sheridan. Pete grew up on a small family farm in southern Ontario, but chose his first love – history – as… Read More

Mikal Austin Radford: How the Humanities Made Me Human

My mother told me that when I was a young child I used to explore the streets of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia looking for religious buildings such as churches, synagogues and the like. As she would tell me, she… Read More