FHASS and FOLD: Global Perspectives on Diversity, Literature, and City Building

FHASS is pleased to announce an exciting new community partnership that promises to bring more of Sheridan into the Brampton community, and more of the Brampton community to the institution. Sheridan has become a sponsor of The FOLD (Festival of Literary… Read More

Reflections and Thanks: FHASS, Home Suite Hope, and the Holidays

By Prof. Sara Cumming Now that we are well into the Winter semester, I wanted to take a moment to thank FHASS for your generous gifts/time/cash donations to Home Suite Hope over the holidays in December. (See my initial call for donations here.) For those of you who don’t… Read More

Thoughts on teaching Film Studies in the age of Screen Culture

By Prof. Mike Baker (Film Studies) By nature, Film Studies is a discipline invested in visual literacy and critical thinking. Well-designed Film Studies curriculum does not concern itself with trivia and simple historical facts (nor does it use feature-length screenings to… Read More

How to care when you write every day

Prof. Robyn Read

By Profs. Myles Bartlett (Design) and Robyn Read (Writing & Publishing) Our students are novice writers even though they are writing all the time. They post on social media, they email and text — even when we want them to… Read More

Prof. Ian Williams in Ottawa

Congratulations to Prof. Ian Williams for his participation on the panel, “Black Words Matter: Celebrating Black Literary Achievement” during Black History Month in Ottawa. The evening of readings and discussion was held the National Gallery and organized by the National Reading Campaign in partnership with TD Bank. You can… Read More

Student Spotlight: Lydia Ramm and Nikki Stinchcombe

By Prof. Jennifer Phenix In the degree breadth course, Heroes in Classical and Contemporary Myth (LITT27028GD), students are invited to reflect on contemporary receptions of classical heroes, motifs of hero myth, and Joseph Campbell’s monomyth pattern. This term, students… Read More

Meet Prof. Danielle Freitas (ESL)

Danielle Freitas

Danielle has a Bachelor of Laws from Brazil, an MA in Second Language Education and in Comparative International Development Education from OISE, University of Toronto, and  several teaching qualifications from the University of Cambridge, including CELTA and DELTA. She is completing her… Read More

Meet Heather Asling (Academic Portfolio Administrator)

Heather joined the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in December 2015 as the Academic Portfolio Administrator for Janet Shuh and has been working for Sheridan as a part-time Professor in the Faculty of Business, teaching in the… Read More

Meet Monique Patrick (Program Support Specialist)

  Monique Patrick was thrilled to join Sheridan College in June 2015 as a Program Support Specialist. After obtaining a BA (Hons) in Communications from the University of Windsor, Monique hit the ground running and aimed at using her skills to break into the corporate… Read More

Meet Prof. Matthew Sheridan (Critical Media Theory and Computers)

Matthew Sheridan is a Professor of Critical Media Theory and Computers in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sheridan. Since joining Sheridan in 2014, Matthew has had the privilege of teaching courses in Technology and Society… Read More