Welcoming Sociologist Sara Cumming

Sara Cumming joined the School of Social and Life Sciences this past fall. We’re thrilled to have her! Anna Boshnakova asked Sara to tell us a bit about herself. Sara Cumming: “My goal as a sociologist is to… Read More

Welcoming Rory Sommers

Rory Sommers joined FHASS this fall and Anna Boshnakova asked him to tell us a bit about himself. Welcome Rory! Rory Sommers: “One of the reasons I enjoy teaching at Sheridan so much is the diversity of our… Read More

Why Stories Matter: Introducing Alexander Hollenberg

Dr. Alexander Hollenberg is a Professor of Storytelling and Narrativity in Sheridan’s School of Humanities and Creativity. His areas of expertise include American modernist literatures, narrative theory, and the ethics of interpretation. Although still in the early stages… Read More

Did you know? With Julie Morris

Julie Morris sat down and shared a few fun facts with us about some things you may not know about her.   Julie keeps toys around for inspiration: Julie finds that having things around to fiddle with helps inspire… Read More

Interview with Jessica Pulis

Q: Jessica, tell us a bit about what brought you to Sheridan College – what are your research areas? A:  Sheridan is a dynamic and intensely creative environment that is focused on student success. Sheridan has always done… Read More