Welcome to the Winter 2016 issue of Alchemy!

Alchemy Winter Issue 2016 - Read is now

Welcome to the Winter 2016 issue of Alchemy!  Read the Winter 2016 Issue as a PDF Read all the articles online As always, it’s a wonderfully busy, exciting, and sometimes chaotic semester in and around FHASS. We hope… Read More

From the Dean’s Office

Winter was full of creativity and productivity in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.  Our faculty continue to engage students in innovative learning and to participate in scholarly, research and creative activities. In addition to continuing our… Read More

FHASS and FOLD: Global Perspectives on Diversity, Literature, and City Building

FHASS is pleased to announce an exciting new community partnership that promises to bring more of Sheridan into the Brampton community, and more of the Brampton community to the institution. Sheridan has become a sponsor of The FOLD (Festival of Literary… Read More

Reflections and Thanks: FHASS, Home Suite Hope, and the Holidays

By Prof. Sara Cumming Now that we are well into the Winter semester, I wanted to take a moment to thank FHASS for your generous gifts/time/cash donations to Home Suite Hope over the holidays in December. (See my initial call for donations here.) For those of you who don’t… Read More

A question about SWFs from Terry Kostiw

My Dear Colleagues, We need your input on this one. I admit, I’m a traditionalist — I still distribute paper copies of assignments and class material, use the telephone book and, at times, struggle to operate our TV remote. But I understand most are less reluctant to embrace… Read More

Spotlight on Research: Prof. Nathaniel Barr on Creativity and Cognition

Nathaniel Barr joined The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences as a Professor of Creativity and Creative Thinking in September 2015. Trained as a cognitive psychologist, his interests include perception, attention, memory, motivation, belief, reasoning, creativity, and the way that thinking interacts with technology. Nathaniel’s… Read More

Thoughts on teaching Film Studies in the age of Screen Culture

By Prof. Mike Baker (Film Studies) By nature, Film Studies is a discipline invested in visual literacy and critical thinking. Well-designed Film Studies curriculum does not concern itself with trivia and simple historical facts (nor does it use feature-length screenings to… Read More

How to care when you write every day

Prof. Robyn Read

By Profs. Myles Bartlett (Design) and Robyn Read (Writing & Publishing) Our students are novice writers even though they are writing all the time. They post on social media, they email and text — even when we want them to… Read More

FHASS faculty awarded SRCA grants

FHASS is proud to announce that Profs. Michael McNamara, Patrice Esson, and Nathaniel Barr have been awarded one of Sheridan’s new SRCA (Scholarship, Research & Creative Activities) grant at the $10,000 level for their proposed project entitled “Does Creativity Training Make A Difference?  An Analysis of Creative Thinking Scores amongst College… Read More

Prof. Alia Somani in SCL

Congratulations to Prof. Alia Somani, whose article “What is Remembered and What is Forgotten? South Asian Diasporic Histories and the Shifting National Imaginary” was published in Studies in Canadian Literature, (vol. 40, issue 1). This article traces Canada’s collective imaginings by examining a selection of canonical history textbooks from… Read More