Virtual Reality has arrived to the Pre-Health program!

By Tara Hayes In the spring of 2022, Sheridan applied for a College Equipment and Renewal Fund (CERF) from the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities and in the fall of 2022, it was announced that Sheridan was… Read More

New Gen-Ed Course Addresses Challenge of Sustainability

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sheridan Professors Marcus Freeman (FHASS) and Vito Masi (FAST) have developed a new General Education course to address a perceived gap in students’ understanding of the global sustainability crisis. The new course, Transitioning to a livable planet: The… Read More

Embracing Museums as Experiential Learning: Artifactual Analyses with New Anthropological Perspectives

By Daniel Jankulovski As children we visit museums and are witness to the excitement of seeing artifacts and world history. We walk through each floor twisting our necks to see what we may have missed as the plethora… Read More

Dungeons, Dragons, and Design Thinking: A Unique Twist on Experiential Learning

In a FHASS first, Professors Tom Nittoly (ESL) and Kasey Dunn (Creativity and Innovation) recently took experiential learning to a whole new “dimension.” On October 30, a pilot group of students embarked on an unexpected journey, combining the… Read More

Home is where I am

By Stephanie Samboo Note: This piece is part of my own journey on decolonizing of self as I re-member. I hope it generates conversations about how it feels to live with a double consciousness- to try to fit… Read More

“An Experience Worth Wanting:” An Interview with Peter Grevstad

Professor Grevstad launched a new breadth elective in LBGTQ+ Studies this Fall—the first such course at Sheridan, and one of the first at an Ontario college. Alchemy: Can you tell me a little bit about why this is… Read More

Peter Galambos Champions COIL

On Monday, November 1st, Sheridan hosted the online webinar event A Faculty Perspective on COIL: A Sheridan Experience. It was the first in a series of webinars hosted by Sheridan as part of International Education Week. In many… Read More

Is Productivity Always… Healthy?

By Professor Sara Cumming In academe, intense productivity is rewarded while low productivity is looked down upon—but both can be destructive. Professor Sara Cumming opens up about the complexities of productivity and the personal background that makes her… Read More

Intersections: The Nintendo Classroom

by: Prof. Sara Cordeiro Alexandre Do you love video games? What about board games? Have you ever thought about using video games to teach English? Did you know that you can combine video games and English Language teaching,… Read More

Behind the Scenes: Practicing Creative Thinking in Introduction to Studies in Creativity Classes

By Prof. Anna Boshnakova One of the most effective ways to develop and nurture student’s creativity is to give them the freedom to express themselves through a creative outlet. Creative activities enhance learning, can lead to a positive… Read More