From the Dean’s Office

With spring barely upon us, the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences is ready to celebrate all that we have accomplished and all that awaits as we wrap up another outstanding academic year. In keeping with a Faculty… Read More

Sheridan Reads 2019 with Marlon James!

By: Prof. Glenn Clifton On March 4, 2019, FHASS was thrilled to welcome award-winning author Marlon James to discuss his new novel Black Leopard, Red Wolf for the 2018-2019 installment of Sheridan Reads. Sheridan Reads is an annual… Read More

FHASS People are Sheridan People! (Especially Patrice Esson!)

By: Prof. Jennifer Phenix The Sheridan People Awards is an internal awards system aimed at recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our Sheridan community, its people and groups who “bring Sheridan to life” by ensuring that Sheridan “students… Read More

Student Spotlight: ESL and the Mississauga Food Bank

By Prof. Supriya Habbu When my students and I decided to visit the Mississauga Food Bank this semester, I had several objectives. I wanted my students to practice their listening and speaking skills in real-life, authentic situations. I… Read More

Talking the Walk in 2019

This semester saw the launch and evolution of the SRCA-funded Talk the Walk project, a social, cultural, and academic community comprised of Sheridan students, staff, and faculty who met once a week throughout the semester at Trafalgar’s Centre… Read More

Tyson Seburn talks to TESOL+

By: Prof. Danielle Freitas In the Fall of 2018, the TESOL Plus Graduate Certificate program proudly hosted a talk with Tyson Seburn on “Inclusive and Othering Approaches to Marginalised Groups.” Tyson was invited to share his expertise as… Read More

Student Spotlight: Writing Life into Life Writing

By: Prof. Sarah Sinclair LITT27733GD is a literature-focused breadth elective that introduces students to the evolving genre of Life Writing in general and memoirs in particular. As part of the course requirements, students have the opportunity to create… Read More

Student Spotlight: Kayden Chan on illustrating across the disciplines

By: Kayden Chan, BAA, Animation In an academic setting, everyone present is there learn more about their career and the paths presented by their skills; but such a tunnel definition of a “school” is not limited to a… Read More

Student Spotlight: Muzaffar Ali

By: Prof. Donna Ash Muzaffar Ali is a good representative of the ESL students studying here at Sheridan. Along with his wife and three children, Muzaffar arrived in Canada 18 months ago. A highly educated person with many… Read More

Student Spotlight: Creativity Infographics

Prof. Patsy Marshall, a part-time instructor with FHASS, would like to honour the creative infographics made by students in her Fall 2018 Creative Leadership course. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words continues to… Read More