Meet Prof. Peter Kikkert (Public History)

Photo: Peter Kikkert

Photo: Peter Kikkert

Peter Kikkert is a Professor of Public History in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sheridan.

Pete grew up on a small family farm in southern Ontario, but chose his first love – history – as his career. Pete’s research into sovereignty, security, and stewardship issues, and his work on community-based history, has taken him to communities across the Canadian North and allowed him to experience the land with many amazing Elders and the Canadian Rangers. Despite his wonderful teachers, Pete remains a southern kabloonak and has consistently flirted with frostbite over the last few years. His ineptitude delighted his wonderful students at Aurora College in Inuvik and Fort Smith, where he taught Circumpolar Studies for two years, learned a ton, and had the opportunity to coach the best sport in the world – basketball. At the end of 2014, Pete moved back to southern Ontario with his partner, Maria, finished his PhD and had the opportunity to be an educator on board Students on Ice 2015.

Pete has published multiple book chapters and articles, and three co-edited volumes on a wide array of polar topics. As a public historian, he has had the opportunity to work with a wide array of communities and institutions in the North and South. Most recently, Pete has been caught up in commemorative work for the centenary of the First World War through projects focused on Dawson City, Yukon and Norwich Township in Ontario.

Pete is thrilled to be at Sheridan and is very excited for all the opportunities for collaboration and engagement that this unique community has to offer.

Peter Kikkert answers Alchemy’s Proust Questionnaire:

My favourite qualities in a student: Enthusiasm and curiosity.

My favourite qualities in a teacher: Enthusiasm and engagement.

Moment in my life I’d like to re-live: The moment I tried to pull my wife’s veil up during our wedding ceremony, only to clumsily ruin both the veil and part of her hair – not my finest hour.

My idea of perfect happiness: Hearing or reading a great story.

My favourite quotation, motto, or phrase: “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” — Albert Einstein.

If I weren’t a teacher I’d be: A social worker or a farmer.

A country/place I’d like to visit: Alert, Nunavut.

My favourite historical character: The Mad Trapper of Rat River (That’s a crazy-good story!).

My least favourite literary/cinematic character: Walder Frey (Game of Thrones).

My favourite singer/musician: Great Big Sea.

My guilty gaming pleasure: Medieval II: Total War.