Announcing: The Fall CW&P 3×3 Screenplay Competition!

Sheridan is in search of very short screenplays that can be used by students in the new Virtual Production program!  If selected, your screenplay will get made by Sheridan students, and you can be involved in the process… Read More

Alchemy Announces the Fall 2023 WRITE LIKE A HUMAN Contest!

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In 2011, after attending an annual Turing test competition, journalist Brian Christian wrote: “I think that while the first year that computers pass the Turing test will certainly be a historic one, it will not mark the end… Read More

The CW&P Students at Word on the Street and Pitch Day

CW&P students and faculty found lots of ways to connect this summer—most notably at Toronto’s Word on the Street Festival. Professor Paul Vermeersch was there to promote The Ampersand Review, as well as his imprint, Buckrider Books, with… Read More

Student Memoir from Stories of Home

Ayssar Habeeb responded to the Stories of Home call for submissions. This is a fragment of her memoir, Day 26 The bombardment echoed in the neighbourhood, long night with ambiguous possibilities. The rumbles shuddered my bedroom window, cracked… Read More

Impressive student work from Professor Marshall’s Creative Problem Solving course

In this assignment for Creative Problem Solving, students are asked to choose a new creative experience and report on it; the second part of the assignment is reflective practice through structured questions. For Professor Patsy Marshall, these student… Read More

Stories of Home: An Update

In the Fall 2021 Alchemy edition, we introduced a new project set up by a team from the English as a Second Language (ESL) department: Nataly Shaheen, Claudia Daniela Cirip, Sara Cordeiro Alexandre, Suzanne Soares, and Diana Catargiu…. Read More

Alya Somar: CanLit Makes Me Nervous

Nonfiction by CW&P Student Alya Somar The first time I walked into my ‘Fundamentals of Publishing’ class, my professor said that the publishing industry was dominated by white women. My mind immediately went back to my program orientation,… Read More

Daniel Meehan: By the Lakeshore

Fiction by CW&P Student Daniel Meehan             When I was a young boy, and the ducks still bobbed along the little teeming lake of our backwater home, and the fish dove deep by the breast-high shoal out in… Read More

Saidah Vassell: Jump the Broom

Fiction by CW&P Student Saidah Vassell In that moment, I don’t just see a broom. I see my life as it flashes before my eyes. I see myself meeting her for the very first time. The way a… Read More

A World of Possibilities from the ESL Program

By: Nataly Shaheen, Diana Catargiu, Suzanne Soares, Daniela Claudia Cirip and Sara Cordeiro Alexandre  A team from the ESL Program has launched a new project, entitled “Stories of Home.” We aim to exhibit the inspiring stories of our students and faculty in different art… Read More