Meet Prof. Hee-Seung Kang (ESL)

Hee-Seung Kang is a Professor of ESL in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sheridan. She received her MA in TESOL and Ph.D in English Language and Rhetoric with a special focus on second language writing… Read More

Meet Prof. Supriya Habbu (ESL)

Supriya is thrilled to be a Professor of ESL in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sheridan where she has taught for almost 5 years now. She began her teaching career soon after she completed her… Read More

Meet Julia McCallum, Program Support Specialist

Julia received her undergraduate degree from Dalhousie University, with a major in Psychology and a minor in law and society.  Following her degree, she chose to go back to school to receive her social service worker diploma from… Read More

Meet Prof. Thea Lim (Creative Writing)

Though I stumbled into teaching as a side hustle to writing, I quickly discovered that making it my job to explain what narrative is fortified my own storytelling work. I’ve been teaching writing at the post-secondary level for… Read More

Meet Associate Dean Stephanie Samboo

Stephanie Samboo is the Associate Dean for the School of Communication and Literary Studies. She joined Sheridan as a contract ESL Professor in 2004, earned her stripes as a full-time Professor in 2007, assumed the English Coordinator-ship in… Read More

Meet Prof. Scott Marentette, Communications and Literary Studies

I teach COMM 19999 and various literature courses at Sheridan College. My field of research is 20th Century English, French, and German poetry with a focus on the relationship between our sense of self as it relates to… Read More

Meet Mariola Kerepesi, Program Support Specialist

Mariola Kerepesi has been at Sheridan since 2012 and joined FHASS in 2013 as Program Support. She is also a Sheridan graduate from the Public & Private Investigation Program.  Mariola is skilled in logical thinking, administrative efficiency, and… Read More

Meet Prof. Jessica Merolli, Political Science

I recently moved back to my hometown, and greatest city in the world, Hamilton to join Sheridan as a Professor of Political Science. I held the Skelton-Clark Postdoctoral Fellowship in Canadian Affairs (2015-2017) at Queen’s University, and received… Read More

Meet Prof. Marcus Freeman, Pre-Health Sciences

My journey to Sheridan College has followed some interesting twists and turns.  I knew, as a high-school student, I was going to be a marine biologist. I took up SCUBA diving, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Marine… Read More

Meet Jill Noronha, Program Support Specialist

Jill Noronha joins the Faculty of Humanities of Social Sciences as Program Support from the Pilon School of Business. Looking for a new experience, Jill made the switch in August 2016. She is a graduate of Sheridan’s Business… Read More