From the Dean’s Office…

Actually, from the Dean’s home office… Greetings, colleagues, and welcome to a special “2020 Year-in-Review” issue of Alchemy. The past year will not be easily forgotten, and is in many ways very likely to be seen in future… Read More

CW&P’s Writer-in-Residence Program Hits the Ground Running in 2020!

By Prof. Glenn Clifton In 2020, the Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing established an exciting new position in FHASS—the Writer-in-Residence! The Writer-in-Residence program brings in a Canadian writer at the top of their game to as… Read More

Meet Melissa Mitchell (APA, Humanities & Creativity)

Melissa Mitchell grew up on the beautiful Island of Jamaica. She emigrated to Canada four years ago as part of her campaign to live an extraordinary life. About a decade earlier Melissa stepped out of her little Island to… Read More

What’d I Miss?

Check out these links to catch up on some of the FHASS-related stories that have came into (through?) your mailbox in 2020. You may have missed a couple of them. We did! Anyway, catch up here: CW&P Students… Read More

Meet Rebecca Diana (Program Support Specialist)

Rebecca joined FHASS in December 2019, with previous work experience at Sheridan within the Office of the Registrar and the IT Department. Prior to joining FHASS she worked within the transportation industry where she led projects that impacted… Read More

Behind the Scenes: Practicing Creative Thinking in Introduction to Studies in Creativity Classes

By Prof. Anna Boshnakova One of the most effective ways to develop and nurture student’s creativity is to give them the freedom to express themselves through a creative outlet. Creative activities enhance learning, can lead to a positive… Read More

Prof. Nathaniel Barr on Creativity and the Survival of Higher Education

by Prof. Jennifer Phenix Dr. Nathaniel Barr (PhD University of Waterloo) is professor of Creativity and Creative Thinking in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, teaching courses within the Board Undergraduate Certificate in Creativity and Creative Problem… Read More

2019-2020 FHASS Student Awards

By Prof. Jennifer Phenix A celebratory event of any kind often involves a lengthy and detailed planning process and it is no different with FHASS’ Student Awards. This past year, however, it comes as no surprise that planning… Read More

Meet Prof. Kyle Bromhall (Philosophy)

Kyle Bromhall joined FHASS as Professor of Philosophy in Fall 2019, shortly before the world ended. Prior to that, he taught extensively at the University of Guelph, the same institution from which he earned his PhD in 2015…. Read More

Jennifer Chambers representing at and with ACCUTE

In June 2020, our own Prof. Jennifer Chambers was officially voted in as a Member at Large, Colleges Representative for 2020-2022, for the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE). In addition to her obligations… Read More