Prof. Ian Williams in Ottawa

Congratulations to Prof. Ian Williams for his participation on the panel, “Black Words Matter: Celebrating Black Literary Achievement” during Black History Month in Ottawa. The evening of readings and discussion was held the National Gallery and organized by the National Reading Campaign in partnership with TD Bank. You can… Read More

Prof. Owen Percy’s new book chapter

Prof. Owen Percy will have a chapter included in an upcoming academic anthology about celebrity and the arts in Canada, published by Wilfrid Laurier University Press. The anthology, Celebrity Cultures in Canada, will include essays from scholars working in various disciplines… Read More

New article from Prof. Glenn Clifton

Alchemy congratulates Prof. Glenn Clifton on the upcoming publication of his article, “Aging and Periodicity in The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Ambassadors: An Aesthetic Adulthood.” The article will be set to print this winter in the journal English Literature in Transition. The article argues that Henry James’s novel The… Read More

Prof. Nathaniel Barr on BS!

As mentioned in the “Spotlight on Research” section of Alchemy, Professor of Creativity and Creative Thinking Nathaniel Barr co-authored a research article in the Journal of Judgement and Decision Making entitled “On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit.” Although ‘bullshit’ is a ubiquitous aspect of human… Read More

Student Spotlight: Lydia Ramm and Nikki Stinchcombe

By Prof. Jennifer Phenix In the degree breadth course, Heroes in Classical and Contemporary Myth (LITT27028GD), students are invited to reflect on contemporary receptions of classical heroes, motifs of hero myth, and Joseph Campbell’s monomyth pattern. This term, students… Read More

Meet Prof. Danielle Freitas (ESL)

Danielle Freitas

Danielle has a Bachelor of Laws from Brazil, an MA in Second Language Education and in Comparative International Development Education from OISE, University of Toronto, and  several teaching qualifications from the University of Cambridge, including CELTA and DELTA. She is completing her… Read More

Meet Heather Asling (Academic Portfolio Administrator)

Heather joined the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in December 2015 as the Academic Portfolio Administrator for Janet Shuh and has been working for Sheridan as a part-time Professor in the Faculty of Business, teaching in the… Read More

Meet Monique Patrick (Program Support Specialist)

  Monique Patrick was thrilled to join Sheridan College in June 2015 as a Program Support Specialist. After obtaining a BA (Hons) in Communications from the University of Windsor, Monique hit the ground running and aimed at using her skills to break into the corporate… Read More

Meet Prof. Matthew Sheridan (Critical Media Theory and Computers)

Matthew Sheridan is a Professor of Critical Media Theory and Computers in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sheridan. Since joining Sheridan in 2014, Matthew has had the privilege of teaching courses in Technology and Society… Read More

Meet Kathleen Oakey (FHASS Librarian)

  Kathleen Oakey is the Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian for FHASS. She started at Sheridan in a contract position, quickly moving to an E-resources and FAST Liaison Librarian position in 2011. In 2015, Kathleen took over as the Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian and is loving this new role… Read More