Meet Prof. Matthew Sheridan (Critical Media Theory and Computers)

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Photo: Matthew Sheridan

Matthew Sheridan is a Professor of Critical Media Theory and Computers in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sheridan. Since joining Sheridan in 2014, Matthew has had the privilege of teaching courses in Technology and Society and Computer Communications. Matthew finds the teaching experience at Sheridan highly rewarding and is thrilled to continue to work with faculty and staff to help students succeed and take an active role in their learning process.

Matthew has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Queen’s University and a Master of Science in Philosophy of the Social Sciences from the London School of Economics & Political Science in London, UK. Specialties include Science and Technology Studies at intersections of philosophy and social sciences, Philosophy of Social Sciences, History of Science, Educational Technology and Computer Communications.

In addition to activities that combine creativity, technology and knowledge, Matthew is an avid runner, hiker, and gardener. He has also been a member of the Ontario Wine Industry since 2008. After obtaining a degree in Viticulture, Matthew progressed to become Assistant Manager for a prominent Ontario winery.

Matthew Sheridan answers Alchemy’s Proust Questionnaire:

Most important lesson I learned in kindergarten: To use your imagination.

Moment in my life I’d like to re-live: Journey across France in a Fiat.

My idea of perfect happiness: Joy during hard work.

My favourite quotation, motto, or phrase: Kitchen-table accountability.

The talent or skill I wish I had: The ability to whistle.

Language I’d love to be able to speak: SQL (Structured Query Language).

On my bucket list: The North Face Endurance Challenge.

My favourite historical character(s): Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla.

My favourite food/meal and drink: Meals made from the farmer’s stand.

My favourite painter/artist: Tom Thomson, Steve McCurry, Paul Smith, Edward Burtynsky, Hans Wegner, Chris Johanson, Piet Hein Eek, Corita Kent, Michel Gondry, and Viviane Sassen.

My favourite singer/musician and song: Brian Eno and David Bowie – “Heroes.”

My guilty TV/film/gaming pleasure: David Rees on the National Geographic Channel.