Community Research Cafe: April 15, 2016

Prof. Jessica Carey: Black History Month and the Politics of Food

Food movements and foodways embody —literally! — multiple strains of culture: ethics, politics, affects, pleasures, and identities. In belated honour of Black History Month, here are links to the work of two authors that I have followed for the past few years and taught in… Read More

Humanities Insanities Football Pool Results

Play brings a joy that is vital for imagination, creativity, social relationships, and job satisfaction. In the spirit of play, I write, cap-in-hand and with a slightly reddened backside, to apprise you of the results of the inaugural Humanities Insanities football pool. As the 2015 NFL regular season fades from memory, a lone victor stands… Read More

Call for Proposals: CTL Spring/Summer Series

The Faculty Development Team in the Centre for Teaching & Learning is excited to announce the launch of the next annual Spring & Summer Series: a series of workshops developed and delivered for faculty, by faculty. This is… Read More

Insight & Illumination: A Talk By Prof. Jennifer Phenix

Call for Proposals from CALL

The 25th anniversary College Association for Language & Literacy (CALL) conference explores how to foster an entrepreneurial way of thinking in our students to help them become excellent communicators and critical thinkers, resourceful leaders, innovative creators of employment opportunities, and strong… Read More

The HUB: Akil McKenzie

2nd year Bachelor of Film and Television student Akil McKenzie organized the SSU “Making Noise with No Voice” poetry event held on Feb. 23, 2016. He reflects on the event below, and includes posters developed for the event… Read More