Meet Kathleen Oakey (FHASS Librarian)

Oakey photo

Photo: Kathleen Oakey


Kathleen Oakey is the Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian for FHASS. She started at Sheridan in a contract position, quickly moving to an E-resources and FAST Liaison Librarian position in 2011. In 2015, Kathleen took over as the Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian and is loving this new role and getting to know the FHASS faculty.

Over the past 5 years at Sheridan, Kathleen has played an integral role in developing the library’s Information Literacy Program and database collection, hosting events such as Science Literacy Week and Digital Discovery Day, and leading the library’s Social Media team. In 2015, Kathleen joined the International Services team in India for their regular Predeparture Orientations. This year, she will be coordinating the development of a new English Language Corner for ESL students!

Kathleen received her Master of Library & Information Science from the University of Western Ontario in 2009, after completing a Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Senior) in 2005, and Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) in 2003.

Before beginning as a professional librarian, Kathleen held a wide variety of positions, including: ESL instructor in Changwon, Korea; English Literature Teacher (Gr. 9/10) in Nanjing, China; and Assistant Cook and Wrangler in Black Diamond, Alberta.

Outside of work, Kathleen volunteers for the Cambridge Public Library and her local church. She loves horseback riding, back-country camping, and Instagramming. These activities, along with her 5 year-old Eskipoo and 15 year-old Quarter Horse, keep her plenty busy!

Kathleen Oakey answers Alchemy’s Proust Questionnaire:

Favourite virtue: Kindness.

Most overrated virtue: Perfection.

Most important lesson I learned in kindergarten: Be aware of wonder.

Most important lesson I’ve learned this year: Perseverance pays off!

Moment in my life I’d like to re-live: Watching falling stars with friends on Mackinac Island.

The word I overuse in life: Eh?

A country/place I’d like to visit: The Yukon.

My favourite food/meal and drink: Sushi!

My guilty TV pleasure: Psych (the TV series). Those guys crack me up!