ESL Students weigh in on Online Learning

ESL Prof. Amy Yani asked her students to weigh on on their experiences with online learning since the start of the pandemic. Here are a few of their responses! My Online Studying Experience — Hani Almunajed We are… Read More

Student Spotlight: Troy in Literature, Film, and Canvas!

By: Prof. Jennifer Phenix In LITT20065GD: Troy in Literature and Film, students were asked to create a visual piece to accompany their research paper that captures the hero Odysseus as a renewed Homeric hero. Em Kessler, Serena Westbroek,… Read More

Student Spotlight: ESL student Serife Gulmus

From ESL professor Mariya Petkova: “As part of their EAP Reading and Writing class, ESL student have to write an essay based on a previously researched academic topic of their choice. The purpose is to argue a point… Read More

Student Spotlight: ESL and the Mississauga Food Bank

By Prof. Supriya Habbu When my students and I decided to visit the Mississauga Food Bank this semester, I had several objectives. I wanted my students to practice their listening and speaking skills in real-life, authentic situations. I… Read More

Student Spotlight: Writing Life into Life Writing

By: Prof. Sarah Sinclair LITT27733GD is a literature-focused breadth elective that introduces students to the evolving genre of Life Writing in general and memoirs in particular. As part of the course requirements, students have the opportunity to create… Read More

Student Spotlight: Kayden Chan on illustrating across the disciplines

By: Kayden Chan, BAA, Animation In an academic setting, everyone present is there learn more about their career and the paths presented by their skills; but such a tunnel definition of a “school” is not limited to a… Read More

Student Spotlight: Muzaffar Ali

By: Prof. Donna Ash Muzaffar Ali is a good representative of the ESL students studying here at Sheridan. Along with his wife and three children, Muzaffar arrived in Canada 18 months ago. A highly educated person with many… Read More

Student Spotlight: Creativity Infographics

Prof. Patsy Marshall, a part-time instructor with FHASS, would like to honour the creative infographics made by students in her Fall 2018 Creative Leadership course. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words continues to… Read More

Student Spotlight: Visualizing Medea

By: Prof. Jennifer Phenix Reception studies is a sub-discipline of Classics, whereby scholars assess the ways in which Greek (and Roman) material has been transmitted, translated, excerpted, interpreted, rewritten, re-imaged, and represented (Hardwick and Stray, 2008). In the… Read More

Student Spotlight: Carly Williams

Carly Williams (BFTV, 2018) has developed an epic love for the classic story of Troy, thanks in large part to the work she did with Prof. Jennifer Phenix in Jennifer’s Fall 2017 section of LITT20065GD: Troy in Literature… Read More