ESL Students weigh in on Online Learning

ESL Prof. Amy Yani asked her students to weigh on on their experiences with online learning since the start of the pandemic. Here are a few of their responses!

My Online Studying Experience — Hani Almunajed

We are in a time when people buy, sell, communicate, and travel through the Internet, and education is no exception to this rule. Education via the Internet has several advantages, the most important of which are related to place and time. Through my experience of studying online, I noticed several positive points, for example, saving time, effort, and money because we do not have to move to an educational facility. Besides, the important development in educational programs and devices via the Internet has led to overcoming the biggest problem facing online studying, which is the difficulty of communication between the student, on one hand, peers and teachers on the other hand. In conclusion, although studying via the Internet has several disadvantages, I support it because its advantages are more effective and important.

Online Experience — Jingyue Cao

For me, I am more comfortable with online learning. Although we need to stay up late at different times because of the time difference between China and Canada, my foundation is not very good. I can repeat the lessons in online classes, which will make my learning easier and the teacher’s teaching methods are particularly interesting. Sometimes I play games, and the group discussions also made me get to know my classmates, and because of the online communication, I am not shy, and I have made a lot of improvements in oral English. Online classes are very suitable for me and students who have a bad foundation and are somewhat introverted.

Online Studying — Shereen Anbari

During the twenty-first century, the internet has made it possible to travel around the world, study, shop, and do many other things. All this can be done while lying on your couch beside the fireplace while drinking your cup of coffee. Because COVID-19 pandemic, online studying has become essential these days. Online studying has several pros and through my experience, I found multiple advantages. The internet has helped me save lots of time and especially with studying. Lately, I decided to improve my English language and enrolled in the Sheridan College ESL program. If it wasn’t for online learning, I wouldn’t be able to manage my time and especially with my children. Online learning saved me time on transportation and getting myself ready. Another reason is the technical software used to facilitate information retrieval which is useful and helpful.

On the other hand, there are some challenges with online studying. For instance, the communication between students and their colleagues may take longer to get to know and become familiar with each other. Also, teachers could find some difficulties in evaluating students remotely but these problems can be solved with mutual effort from students and teachers along with time. In conclusion, I believe that studying via the internet, despite its difficulty, is often effective.

My Online Studying — Reem Al Masri

Over the years a lot of things have changed. Shopping, working and studying especially these days as we are facing Covid19. Most Colleges and Universities turned to online learning only, and that gave the opportunity for many people to study like who has work or small children even the student who live out of Canada. For me now I am studying online at Sheridan College ESL program and I found many advantages to this remote learning as I can manage my time between my family and my learning. For example, I can do my homework and take care of my kids at the same time. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages with online learning as I cannot meet my friends and the instructors as all classes take place from the small monitor, and this is one of my challenges as I am a social person and I like to meet new people.

Studying Online — Marah Elmadhoun

  Studying online has made us learn and accomplish a lot of things, such as the current situation with COVID-19, as throughout the period of closure of cities we have benefited from studying online. For me, studying online made me take advantage and use my time through technology with something useful through the virtual classroom and get to know new people through the breakout rooms, which I also discussed questions and topics with my colleagues that improve my English language, but there are some difficulties that I can’t learn faster because we don’t meet our colleagues face to face like in college, I hope that I go to learning in school.

Study Online — Mingrui Hu

Under the influence of COVID-19, most universities have implemented online courses. For me, although the online course saves time which enables me to do more things, I have to stay up all night because of the 13-hours difference, which has a bad effect on my skin and health. What’s more, I don’t communicate with other students and teachers, and I don’t use English in my daily life. I hope I can come to Canada as soon as possible to learn in school. I think meeting classmates and teachers face to face can improve my English and make new friends.