Student Spotlight: Visualizing Medea

By: Prof. Jennifer Phenix Reception studies is a sub-discipline of Classics, whereby scholars assess the ways in which Greek (and Roman) material has been transmitted, translated, excerpted, interpreted, rewritten, re-imaged, and represented (Hardwick and Stray, 2008). In the… Read More

Student Spotlight: Carly Williams

Carly Williams (BFTV, 2018) has developed an epic love for the classic story of Troy, thanks in large part to the work she did with Prof. Jennifer Phenix in Jennifer’s Fall 2017 section of LITT20065GD: Troy in Literature… Read More

Creative Writing & Publishing students launch Savant-Garde

Not even a year into the curriculum, a group of ambitious and energetic students in FHASS’s new Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing have launched their own online digital publishing venture. You can check out Savant-Garde: An… Read More

Student Spotlight: ESL student Samar Abdelrazzaq at the Art Gallery of Mississauga

By: Prof. Tahani Al Taha (ESL) This semester, the ESL Advanced students at HMC were accompanied by their instructor of Listening and Speaking, Allyson Conrad, to the Art Gallery in Mississauga (You can read more about this trip… Read More

Student Spotlight: Alyson Scott and Recovery 101

By Dr. Jessica Pulis On a cold Monday morning, an incorrect appointment time led to a chance meeting that was probably fated well before the sun rose. I ran into one of our GASU grads who had gone… Read More

Student Spotlight: Harmony in Images

by Dr. Anna Boshnakova Last semester students in the class Cultural Anthropology, with Professor Anna Boshnakova, worked on a creative project, called “Harmony in Images,” dedicated to Canadian Indigenous culture. The aim of the project was to help… Read More

Student Spotlight: Creativity and Colouring

  By: Prof. Jennifer Phenix Earlier this term, Sheridan’s SOURCE (Scholarly Output Undergraduate Research Creative Excellence) released Brandon McFarlane’s adult colouring book, The Sheridan Notebook, illustrated by Sheridan students Kristine Villeneuve and Devin Murray. For my Introduction to… Read More

Celebrating Student Success: 2015-2016 FHASS Student Awards

FHASS held its annual Student Awards Ceremony at Macdonald-Heaslip Hall on Sheridan’s Trafalgar campus on June 6, 2016. The event once again brought administration, faculty, staff, students, and their families together to recognize student success from the 2015-2016… Read More

Student Spotlight: Lydia Ramm and Nikki Stinchcombe

By Prof. Jennifer Phenix In the degree breadth course, Heroes in Classical and Contemporary Myth (LITT27028GD), students are invited to reflect on contemporary receptions of classical heroes, motifs of hero myth, and Joseph Campbell’s monomyth pattern. This term, students… Read More

A “Tall” Achievement: ESL Students Reach New Heights

From Professor Violet Funk: “Walking is a pleasure but taking the stairs from the basement of the B building to the 3rd floor is sometimes challenging. While explaining differences in grammar patterns to my ESL EAP students, I… Read More