Meet Prof. Kylie Hartley (Psychology & Creativity)

Kylie grew up in both Indiana and Florida, USA. Just when she thought she was ready to put down some solid roots with her partner and young family in Bloomington, Indiana, she applied for Sheridan’s seemingly one of a kind position, Professor of Psychology and Creativity. Nearly two and a half years after that initial application, she is passionately teaching introductory courses in creative thinking and problem solving in the School of Humanities and Creativity.

Image: Kylie Hartley

Kylie earned her Ph.D. in Learning and Developmental Sciences from Indiana University (IU). Prior to coming to Sheridan College, she taught undergraduate and graduate courses at IU emphasizing the practical applications of learning and cognition and creativity theory and research. Her research interests including creative identity, nurturing everyday creativity, computer supported collaborative learning, and program evaluation. Her work has been disseminated through a variety of venues including world-wide conferences, handbooks, peer-reviewed journals, and technical reports for city, state, and federal agencies.   

When Kylie is not over-thinking her lessons or dreaming up applied research projects, you can find her with her family being tourists in their new country or nurturing her “little-c” creativity skills of cooking, gardening, and knitting.

Kylie Hartley answers Alchemy’s Proust Questionnaire:

My favourite qualities in a student: Curiosity and a willingness to try new things.

My idea of perfect happiness: Sitting on a warm beach with my feet in the sand while listening to my children happily play together in the waves.

The word/phrase/expression I overuse in the classroom: “Remind me, what are the criteria for a creative product?”

A country/place I’d like to visit: Finland – to be a teacher in one of their nature preschools.

My favourite painter/artist: Charley Harper.

My favourite singer/musician and song: I’m currently in a bit of a Joni Mitchell phase.