The HUB: Akil McKenzie


Image courtesy of Akil McKenzie

2nd year Bachelor of Film and Television student Akil McKenzie organized the SSU “Making Noise with No Voice” poetry event held on Feb. 23, 2016. He reflects on the event below, and includes posters developed for the event in classes by Profs. Christian Knudsen and Anna Boshnakova.

The point of the poetry night was to bring an acknowledgement to Black History Month and the appreciation of culture, diversity, history, and the future of Black culture. There was not much (event wise) happening within the school that was giving the same message other than the How She Moves film screening. So, I organized this event to bring awareness toward the month and tried to do something in which Black History Month could be appreciated. In order to involve students, I opened a submission for all students to submit posters about Black History Month to be displayed around the school. The main idea was to post as many posters as possible around the school so that it could become one large art exhibit for Black History Month. During the event these same art pieces were displayed around the room to give the vibe of a poetry slam around the theme of freedom and equality. I was very pleased with the night. It went extremely well and there were a lot of people who showed up as well. I hope for next year to be as successful as this one.


Image courtesy of Akil McKenzie