Humanities Insanities Football Pool Results

Play brings a joy that is vital for imagination, creativity, social relationships, and job satisfaction. In the spirit of play, I write, cap-in-hand and with a slightly reddened backside, to apprise you of the results of the inaugural Humanities Insanities football pool.

As the 2015 NFL regular season fades from memory, a lone victor stands immortalized by one of the finest regular seasons ever witnessed.  Nay, the King is not dead — he inhabits a desk at Trafalgar and goes by the handle: Jacky “The Shark” Leung.  But football is a fickle game and a pauper can depose a king on any given Sunday. And so it was that A-Rock “the King-Slayer” Hollenberg deposed “The Shark” along with Jackie “McShifty” Ansara, Marcel “The Admiral” Nelson, and the field during the Insanities’ playoff pool. A-Rock takes to his desk the highly coveted “Cup of the Four Horsemen.” And so we bid farewell to an exciting flagship season of the Humanities Insanities office pool. But we need not suffer the tyranny of our newly crowned King of the Office much longer. March is upon us and with it comes a chance for liberation and redemption. Get your loonies and brackets ready! Our NCAA March Madness pool begins now! All are welcome and encouraged to enter this melee. If you are interested in joining or you are just looking for a snappy new office handle, look for the big board or ask around the office.

Yours, in solidarity and eternal hope,

Michael “The Dance” McNamara.

McNamaraPhotoforCoolStuff (Final)

“The Dance” belaureling “The Shark,” before the fall… Photo: Mike McNamara