Call for Proposals from CALL

The 25th anniversary College Association for Language & Literacy (CALL) conference explores how to foster an entrepreneurial way of thinking in our students to help them become excellent communicators and critical thinkers, resourceful leaders, innovative creators of employment opportunities, and strong contributors to our communities.

Our goal as faculty is to help students develop and practice the multiple literacies and language skills required by the 21st century economy. To this end, we CALL to our fellowship for ideas, approaches, and activities that build the entrepreneurial outlook in our students.

CALL invites you to propose a presentation on the theme of entrepreneurializing the classroom.

Potential Topics

Entrepreneurial “literacies” (supporting entrepreneurial skills or mindsets, innovative idea generation, persuasive messages, business launch)

Social entrepreneurism (work for social good, change-maker thinking, taking a stand, advocacy)

Language and literacy skills (writing practicum, critical reading and comprehension, listening, presenting and non-verbal communication, information literacy, media literacy)

Foundational learning and skill development for underprepared students (academic upgrading, remedial pedagogy)

Team-learning opportunities (team projects, partnerships across sectors, community partnership initiatives, bridging activities between communities and students)

Student-supported college initiatives (sustainability programs, college radio or newspaper/zine projects, awareness campaigns)

Technology and e-learning opportunities (using technology to enhance communication, virtual social initiatives, distance collaboration)

Community Service Learning; curricular or extracurricular volunteer activities

International travel and education opportunities (international service learning, global innovation opportunities)

ESL/EAP integrated skills, connections with post-secondary courses, connections with local community

ELL strategies to provide additional language support in post-secondary programs

Course development 

Writing Centre and library initiatives (support of research for initiatives, team collaborations, availability of entrepreneurial tools)

Stress management and self-care (coping with change and new/added expectations, workload)

Support for faculty and staff in development of entrepreneurial initiatives


We welcome a variety of interactive presentation types, including workshops, panels, roundtables, and demonstrations.

For descriptions of presentations that have already been accepted for this year’s CALL Conference, click here.

The deadline for submitting a proposal isTuesday, April 5th, 2016.

Please note that all presenters are required to register for the conference.

If you have questions, please contact Conference Co-chair Judy Mussio at: judy.mussio[at]

For more information about CALL, please visit our website.