Student Spotlight: Creativity and Colouring


By: Prof. Jennifer Phenix

Photo: Jennifer Phenix

Photo: Jennifer Phenix

Earlier this term, Sheridan’s SOURCE (Scholarly Output Undergraduate Research Creative Excellence) released Brandon McFarlane’s adult colouring book, The Sheridan Notebook, illustrated by Sheridan students Kristine Villeneuve and Devin Murray.

For my Introduction to Studies in Creativity course, I had copies of The Sheridan Notebook made and distributed to the students, and I asked them to bring the books each week. It was great fun to see them open the books and discuss the “How to Use” section. Immediately, and ever since, students have used the books to colour and take notes when inspired. I asked three students, pictured above, in the Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership Program to share their experiences with The Sheridan Notebook, and here is what they had to say:

“This Sheridan Notebook is a breath of fresh air. [It] allows us to be creative and an individual.” — Jacqueline Stathers

“This activity allows me to open my mind while listening and interacting in class. [It] provides me with a sense of creativity and determination.” –Sara Costa

“ It creates a safe space to express myself and relieves anxiety. I feel more focused and open to learning.” –Cadence Emery

To access and download The Sheridan Notebook, go to: