2019-2020 FHASS Student Awards

By Prof. Jennifer Phenix

A celebratory event of any kind often involves a lengthy and detailed planning process and it is no different with FHASS’ Student Awards. This past year, however, it comes as no surprise that planning underwent a shift and the annual Student Awards Ceremony had to be put on pause. The good news, though, is that FHASS, along with the Awards and Annual Giving Office, was still able to recognize outstanding student achievement. Some of the Awards’ process remained the same with faculty, ADs and coordinators working together to determine which student would receive which award. Typically, once a list of students has been decided upon, those students would receive a congratulatory letter from the Awards Office with an invitation to attend FHASS’ Annual Awards Ceremony. Although there was no ceremony to attend for the 2019/2020 recipients this past Spring, the students were still able to receive their Awards from the Advancement Office. Below is a list of the 2019/2020 FHASS Student Awards and recipients:

  1. Dr. Mark Deighton Award for Excellence in Human Biology: Rachel Abbott Robbins, GAS Health
  2. Dr. Mark Deighton Award for Excellence in Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology: Simrin Sarin, GAS Health
  3. Jura Seskus Award: Alyaa Elkalaa, English as a Second Language
  4. Heather Adcock Memorial Award: Sadie Kirby, GAS
  5. Heather Adcock Memorial Award: Jessica Tavarayan, GAS
  6. TD Alumni Award of Excellence in Creativity: Tori Cantlon
  7. TD Alumni Award for TESOL Plus Outstanding New Teacher: Ravee Lakhmani
  8. The Dr. Mary Preece SWITCH (Sheridan Women Innovating through the Creative Heart) Award: Chloe Lukas
  9. CW&P 2020 Ampersand Award: Brianna Wodabek
  10. CW&P Award for Highest Academic Achievement in First Year: Daisy Sheps
  11. CW&P Award for Highest Academic Achievement in Second Year: Ally Marchand

Congratulations to this list of exceptional winners! We look forward to toasting you in person as soon as we can!