Intersections: ESL at the Art Gallery of Mississauga

By: Prof. Allyson Conrad (ESL) As a new professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sheridan, I endeavour to meet the challenge of bringing indigenous knowledge into my classrooms and build bridges of learning that… Read More

Intersections: Technology on Trial

By Dr. Alex Hollenberg This year at Sheridan Creates three professors were asked to debate the vexing question of whether technology is always an ennobling force. “Could it be,” session chair Dr. Mike McNamara provocatively asked, “that in… Read More

Intersections: Reflections on Teaching and Writing by Taylor Marie Graham

By Prof. Taylor Marie Graham (English) When I started an MFA program in creative writing a few years ago, I thought there was a possibility this could lead me down what had always felt like the inevitable trail… Read More

Mikal Austin Radford: How the Humanities Made Me Human

My mother told me that when I was a young child I used to explore the streets of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia looking for religious buildings such as churches, synagogues and the like. As she would tell me, she… Read More

Thoughts on teaching Film Studies in the age of Screen Culture

By Prof. Mike Baker (Film Studies) By nature, Film Studies is a discipline invested in visual literacy and critical thinking. Well-designed Film Studies curriculum does not concern itself with trivia and simple historical facts (nor does it use feature-length screenings to… Read More

How to care when you write every day

Prof. Robyn Read

By Profs. Myles Bartlett (Design) and Robyn Read (Writing & Publishing) Our students are novice writers even though they are writing all the time. They post on social media, they email and text — even when we want them to… Read More

Teaching Political Science and Sometimes During an Election

By Marcel Nelson There are a lot of misconceptions about the field of political science. As a student I was often asked whether I wanted to become a politician whenever I mentioned that I was studying political science…. Read More

Pulling Together In The Same Direction

By Anna Bartosik *Sheridan sits on the Territorial Lands of the Mississauga of the New Credit First Nation. Paula Laing, Student Success and Transition Advisor from Sheridan’s Aboriginal Initiatives Office, creates a lasting impression with those who meet… Read More

Using Twitter in Your Course: Having the education come to the students and not the other way around

By Derrick Millard A while ago in one of my online courses something unique happened. We started to get outside community involvement directly into the course. This is something I had always thought about but had never known… Read More

Sheridan Students Showcase Public History Posters during Black History Month

By Christian Knudsen On February 5th, Sheridan students taking the general education elective HIST19936G, Canada in the Making: Exploring Canadian History, showcased public history posters they designed as part of their course work at the opening night of… Read More