Prof. Glenn Clifton stays busy writing in / for the pandemic

Prof. Glenn Clifton (Literary Studies and Creative Writing) has been keeping busy during the pandemic. In addition to having a story published and participating in The Assembly Theatre’s 24 Hour Playwriting Challenge in the summer, he turned one… Read More

Writing the Journey with FHASS, CW&P, and the CCAH

FHASS and CW&P kicked off 2020 by partnering up with the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH) to offer students some creative opportunities to celebrate Black History Month. With oversight from members of the Honours Bachelor of Creative… Read More

Meet Prof. Anthony Tavares (Chemistry, and GAS Program Coordinator)

Anthony J. Tavares joined Sheridan in 2017 and is currently a professor of Chemistry and the program coordinator for Pre-Health Sciences and General Arts and Sciences. Prior to joining Sheridan, Anthony completed his PhD in Analytical Chemistry with… Read More

Coming in 2021: The Sheridan Community Cookbook

By Prof. Jennifer Phenix Dr. Jessica Carey is Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. In addition to loving to cook, Jessica has a passion for food culture and this term,… Read More

The Hub: Prof. Joel Lopata behind the lens

“The Beach…” By Joel Lopata, Professor of Psychology and Creativity “I’ve recently gotten back into film photography – something I pursued 25 years ago when I was in film school at York U. Here’s a photo I took… Read More

The Hub: Short fiction from CW&P

Mrs. Meddings by Gaye Wignall Isa lived in a bachelor over a laundromat on St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto. The dingy yellow walls did not support one painting. Small cracks emerged from the baseboards and travelled up… Read More

Welcome to the 2020 Retrospective Issue of Alchemy!