Coming in 2021: The Sheridan Community Cookbook

By Prof. Jennifer Phenix

Dr. Jessica Carey is Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. In addition to loving to cook, Jessica has a passion for food culture and this term, she has teamed up with Sheridan students, including 4th-year CW&P intern-extraordinaire Téa Smith, to create the Sheridan College Community Cookbook.

The cookbook, containing recipes and personal food stories from students, staff, and faculty, will be published on SOURCE and in a limited print run of zines in March 2021.

From Dr. Carey: “We are aiming to create a practical resource for the Sheridan community–most of us have been spending more time in our kitchens this year, right?–but also a vibrant record of our many relationships with food, and the memories and meanings attached to all the wonderful things we eat, from inventive all-nighter snacks at the busy time of term, to the special passed-down family dishes we might have been especially nostalgic for this year, and everything in between!”

Bon apetit!