Awarding our Incredible Students

FHASS’ annual student awards ceremony took place in the evening of June 10th.  A vibrant celebration of student achievement and academic success, the ceremony opened with a stirring keynote speech by Michael Callaghan, a graduate of the General… Read More

Ian Williams talks about his Griffin Nomination

Our very own Ian Williams took some time out to tell us about his writing process, his awards, and his general awesomeness (my words, not his). Ian was recently nominated for the Griffin, Canada’s most prestigious poetry award…. Read More

FHASS Author Sarah Tsiang Reads in Nunavut

As part of Canadian Children’s Book Week, Sarah Tsiang, a professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, spent a week in Nunavut, reading in elementary schools from her popular children’s books. Sarah is the author of… Read More

Interactive Research Showcase

At Sheridan’s recent Interactive Research Showcase, Kirsten Madsen was honored for her contributions as the Chair of the Research  Ethics Board and her research with girls at risk. Dr. Madsen developed Sheridan’s Research Ethics Board as well as… Read More

ESL adds HMC to Sheridan campus options

ESL is currently preparing for the launch of a pilot program at the Hazel McCallion Campus in Fall 2013. In Fall 2011, we added to our successful ESL offerings at Davis campus by opening a second option at… Read More

Arts and Letters Showcase

The recent Arts and Letters Creativity Showcase was a smashing success.  The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design launched an exciting event on May 7, 2013: The Arts and Letters… Read More

Letter Writing Campaign to Support Sexual Assault Survivor

Sexual assault is, sadly, something that far too many women and men face. Halton Women’s Place, a Halton women’s shelter that our faculty has supported over the past few years, indicates that 1 in 3 women is sexually… Read More

FHASS Dual Credit Program Makes a Difference!

We all know that through our general education and breadth electives our Faculty touches the lives and minds of every undergraduate student here at Sheridan. But did you know that since 2005, we have also been making a… Read More

Did you know? With Julie Morris

Julie Morris sat down and shared a few fun facts with us about some things you may not know about her.   Julie keeps toys around for inspiration: Julie finds that having things around to fiddle with helps inspire… Read More

Interview with Jessica Pulis

Q: Jessica, tell us a bit about what brought you to Sheridan College – what are your research areas? A:  Sheridan is a dynamic and intensely creative environment that is focused on student success. Sheridan has always done… Read More