ESL adds HMC to Sheridan campus options

ESL is currently preparing for the launch of a pilot program at the Hazel McCallion Campus in Fall 2013. In Fall 2011, we added to our successful ESL offerings at Davis campus by opening a second option at the Trafalgar campus.  Building on the great success we have had in Trafalgar, and given the student feedback that indicates demand for a further presence at HMC, we will be proceeding with the next phase of our ESL program growth.HMC

In addition to offering a new location option for our students, the HMC version of the program will provide flexibility in two other ways. First, the highest ESL level, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) will be available as an evening program. Successful completion of this level enables students to meet the English language criteria for Sheridan programs. Therefore, the evening option will interest students who plan to work while studying towards language requirements. Second, lab components of the ESL program at HMC will be offered online with additional face-to-face support available on campus.

Lower levels of the program will be during the daytime, while the Advanced level will assume afternoon/early evening time slots. Initial enrolment for the HMC pilot is mainly aimed at domestic students with greater numbers of international students expected in subsequent semesters.