Awarding our Incredible Students

FHASS’ annual student awards ceremony took place in the evening of June 10th.  A vibrant celebration of student achievement and academic success, the ceremony opened with a stirring keynote speech by Michael Callaghan, a graduate of the General Arts and Science program who is currently serving as a Research Policy Analyst at the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.  Michael talked abDSC_0025 - Copyout being a “shy mediocre student” in high school before really finding his voice and confidence at Sheridan. Sheridan’s GAS program not only gave him a solid grounding for his university experience at McMaster, but McMaster automatically awarded a year worth of University electives for Michael’s studies at Sheridan even though we do not have a formal articulation agreement with the university. Michael went on to talk about the immense value of a liberal arts education and the importance of staying committed to your education.

The conferring of awards began with the English Language Studies program, presented by John Iveson. Nayib Suz and Arsenii Pustovit both received an Award of Excellence.  Annie Leduc received the ESL Jura Seskus Award. Stephanie Samboo proudly presented the awards for the category of English, starting with the Nelson Award of Excellence in Composition & Rhetoric which was awarded to Robert Sanders and Brittany Williams. The Pearson Award of Excellence was received by Gregory Oberski and Carrie Greedy.

The Breadth category awards were then presented by Sean McNabney. The Pearson Award in Excellence in Psychology went to Marie Claire Costaguta and Cohen MacDonald. The winner of the Humanities and Social Sciences Excellence Award was Emma Kamermans, while the Humanities and Social Sciences Highest Achievement Award went to Mark Hewitt.

For the General Education awards, Sarah Sinclair presented the Award of Achievement to Brandon Weir, the Nelson Education Award for Online Studies to Astha Tamang-Maskey, and the General Education Award of Excellence to David Greenway.

Judy Green, the Coordinator of the General Arts and Science program, presented several awards. First was the Debora Vazquez Academic Achievement Award, which went to Johanna Pangilinan. The Pearson Award in Excellence in Principles of Psychology went to Thomas Martin and Robert Sanders. The General Arts and Science Award of Excellence for University Profile Certificate went to Amanda Waite and Robert Green. The General Arts and Science Award for Academic Scholarship and the Nelson Award of Excellence were awarded to Eric Adu Yeboah. The College Profile Academic Achievement Award went to Fotula LaRosa and Erin Sheppaard. The Heather Adcock Memorial Award went to Louis-Olivier Garceau and Jonathan Marsh.

The evening ended with the presentation of the Dean’s Award of Excellence by Has Malik to Emelina Mansour and the Alumni Award for Excellence in Research to Lucien Rodriguez.

Our congratulations to all of these very deserving students!