Did you know? With Julie Morris

Julie Morris sat down and shared a few fun facts with us about some things you may not know about her.

 Julie Morris

Julie keeps toys around for inspiration: Julie finds that having things around to fiddle with helps inspire creativity.  You will always find fun things on her desk at Trafalgar Campus because many of her students feel the need to fidget or play when they come in for office hours.

When Julie isn’t teaching, she is working on her PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities.  Her favourite way to de-stress after writing or studying for too long is to have a “two minute dance party,” which involves playing an upbeat song and dancing like no one is watching.  Thankfully, no one typically is watching.

Julie was a band nerd growing up.  She was part of the Burlington Teen Tour Band and the high school music program.  She was trained on the clarinet and played nearly every day for 6 years.

Julie Morris’s more conventional bio is this: Julie has a MA and an Honours BA in English Literature, and a Bachelor of Adult Education.  She is currently doing her PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities at Brock University.  Her research focuses on understanding England’s traumatized national identity in the 17th century as it resulted from the English Civil War of 1642-51.  Her dissertation project is an analysis of the space and national affect that is produced when literary studies, history, print culture studies, trauma/psychoanalytic studies, and nationalism studies intersect.  Her thesis seeks to produce a new understanding of how the wounding of the English nation manifested in literary representations and constructions of national identity.  Her research interests include trauma studies in literature, 17th century literature, Milton studies, and scholarship of teaching and learning.