Interview with Jessica Pulis

portrait pulis

Q: Jessica, tell us a bit about what brought you to Sheridan College – what are your research areas?

A:  Sheridan is a dynamic and intensely creative environment that is focused on student success. Sheridan has always done amazing things, in the classroom and in the community, but there is a great transformation happening here and I could not think of a more exhilarating teaching and working environment to be a part of. I am privileged to work with other faculty who are dedicated to teaching, innovation and research in a transdisciplinary environment.

My research interests include: the operation of the adult and youth justice systems, social and moral regulation, corrections and youth in conflict with the law. My research also focuses on marginalized populations, in particular young women and Aboriginal youth and their experiences within the justice system.

 Q: Tell us a bit about the courses you teach. What makes them so interesting? What are the students passionate about?

A:  I am currently teaching ‘Introduction to Criminology’ and ‘Profiles in Crime’. Most students, regardless of their program have an interest in crime. Students come to class excited to learn about their own justice system and about causes of offending behaviour.

I thought teaching Criminology courses to non-Criminology students would pose a bit of a challenge but the students at Sheridan rose to that challenge and exceeded all of my expectations. They are incredibly passionate and bring a perspective to the discipline that is both imaginative and inspiring.

 Q: Tell us something that we wouldn’t know from looking at you (a penchant for deep sea diving? a love of horror movies? a wombat for a pet?)

A dream to travel to Africa to wander on the Serengeti and of course while I am there cage dive with Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa.

Q: Your turn: Anything you’d like to share with us? Anything opinions that need a soapbox or events that need promoting?

I would like to thank one of my ‘Introduction to Criminology’ students from last semester, Regina Ying for the portrait. Regina is in her third year of the Illustration degree program. She is currently completing an internship at Nook Collective and RAID Comic Studio. Regina exemplifies the hardworking, dedicated and incredibly talented student body here at Sheridan and I wish her all the best in the future.