Ecological Psychology Students Get Outside to Get Creative

Since launching PSYC26632: Ecological Psychology last year, Dr. Lisa Droogendyk has had much to celebrate, particularly around one of the course’s major projects for which students are required to carry out a hands-on 6 week nature connection project… Read More

Celebrating Exceptional FHASS Work on SOURCE

by Kathleen Oakey and Adam Duguay FHASS faculty continue to make significant contributions to SOURCE, Sheridan’s digital repository. Over the past year, we have been proud to highlight exemplary works from FHASS faculty on SOURCE, making them available… Read More

Intersections: The Nintendo Classroom

by: Prof. Sara Cordeiro Alexandre Do you love video games? What about board games? Have you ever thought about using video games to teach English? Did you know that you can combine video games and English Language teaching,… Read More

The Hub: “Father” by Camilia Darwish

“Father” by: Camilia Darwish When life breathed life into me, Against the odds, my mother’s odds, My father laid me in the ocean. Like baby Moses, I thought. A peekaboo game, I had hoped. Hide away, hide away,… Read More