Ecological Psychology Students Get Outside to Get Creative

Since launching PSYC26632: Ecological Psychology last year, Dr. Lisa Droogendyk has had much to celebrate, particularly around one of the course’s major projects for which students are required to carry out a hands-on 6 week nature connection project – the format is flexible but most students choose to spend time outside. In her own words, Lisa shares the following, along with some samples of student work:

It’s been a real treat — each week I am treated to beautiful photographs of landscapes, sunsets, and water (and often my students’ beautiful dogs, as well!), and I’ve lost count of the number of students who have told me the project has changed their life for the better, helped them challenge depression, and so on! This semester two of my students chose to ‘make art with nature.’ A great idea in the cold winter! Each week they would spend a short time outside but collect an object they could later turn into art indoors. Anyway, I was so pleased with what they made and I didn’t want to keep it to myself!