Welcome to the Community Ideas Factory

The Community Ideas Factory is a Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)-funded collaborative research project that blends the principles of Community-Based Research with the tools of Creative Problem-Solving (CPS) to develop fundable ‘social innovations’ for philanthropy; solutions that are created by stakeholders, for stakeholders. The project leverages Sheridan’s research capacities and expertise in social science research and creative problem-solving to support the Oakville Community Foundation and its diverse network of partners and clients in developing projects, proposals, and targeted funding for social innovations in Halton’s philanthropic sector.

Over the two-year life of the project, four key areas are targeted for action: affordable housing, food security, employment services, and wraparound programs. These target areas align with the Oakville Community Foundation’s 2015 Vital Signs Issues.

Dr. Sara Cumming, a Professor of Sociology, and Dr. Michael McNamara, a Professor of Creativity and Creative Thinking lead an interdisciplinary team of Sheridan student researchers, artists, and faculty in identifying the barriers and gaps currently existing in services, as well as aid the Oakville Community Foundation to engage its stakeholders.