CIF Team Members


Dr. Michael McNamara, Project Director & Professor, Sheridan College.

Dr. Sara Cumming, Co-Principal Investigator & Professor, Sheridan College.

Sarah McPherson, Director, Communications and Development, the Oakville Community Foundation


Dr. Patrice Esson, Sheridan College

Dr. Kirsten Madsen, Sheridan College

Dr. Jessica Pulis, Sheridan College

Dr. Rory Sommers, Sheridan College

Research & Communications

Angela Di Nello, Project Coordinator, Sheridan College

Cathy Fournier, PhD student, Dalhousie University, Communication and Dissemination Research Assistant

Fiona Purkiss, Research Assistant, Brock University

Past Research Assistants:  Erlenys Correa (Sheridan College) and Hamin Kim (Brock University)

Special thanks to the many Sheridan College students who were Creative Problem-Solving Facilitators & illustrators during our events.

Project Advisory Committee

The PAC is an advisory committee that provides support and guidance for the Community Ideas Factory.

Members (or designates):

  • Director, Social Planning, Community Development Halton
  • Executive Director, Food for Life
  • Director of Community Development, Halton Poverty Roundtable
  • Chief Executive Officer, Oakville Community Foundation
  • Manager of Customer Service, Social and Community Services, Region of Halton
  • Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Creativity, Sheridan College
  • Associate Dean, Faculty of Social and Life Sciences, Sheridan College
  • CEO, United Way of Hamilton & Halton
  • CEO, YMCA of Oakville

Membership of the Project Team

  • Co-investigators, Community Ideas Factory, Sheridan College
  • Project Coordinator, Community Ideas Factory, Sheridan College
  • Director, Communications and Development, Oakville Community Foundation


Partner Organizations