Research & Reports

Sector: Housing

Type of data collection: Focus groups

When: October 13, 2016

Description: In October 2016, fifty individuals working within the housing community in the Halton Region participated in six focus groups to discuss the major issues and gaps in services that their particular organizations experience. The findings from these focus groups suggest that housing needs must be addressed at the individual level, community level and at the government level.


Type of data collection: Creative Problem-Solving Facilitation

When: November 22, 2016

Description: On November 22, 2016, over 130 people were invited to participate in a creative problem-solving workshop in order to collectively identify fundable solutions for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of social housing service delivery in Halton Region.  Invited participants represented a diverse group of stakeholders in the sector; including charitable donors, agencies, and service users.      

Research Highlights:


Testimonial: The Housing Hurdles research report is really an amazing document.  As we move toward a fully integrated system of homelessness in Halton, this report clearly demonstrates the areas in which we as a community need to come together to better support vulnerable residents.  It was a pleasure to work alongside academics so invested in the success of our system, and the groundwork they have prepared is an invaluable step toward our common goal to end chronic homelessness.” —Daryl Kaytor, Housing Initiatives Advisor, Social & Community Services, Halton Region​


Sector: Food (in)security

Type of data collection: Focus groups & data visualization

When: February 22, 2017

Description:  Over 40 people attended this half-day session. Participants were food bank and food program users, ‘neighbours’. They were led through a series of students from Sheridan’s Illustration program for the purposes of conducting “data-visualizations”, an emerging field that brings together qualitative data with graphic design and illustration in order to tell stories and convey complex ideas


Type of data collection: Creative Problem-Solving Facilitation

When: April 4, 2017

Description: On Tuesday, April 4th from 9am-3pm, the Community Ideas Factory hosted its’ Creative Problem-Solving (CPS) Workshop on Food Security at the Sheridan Conference Centre in Oakville, Ontario. In total, 37 people representing 27 organizations (not-for-profits, public, and private) participated in the CPS Workshop.  Participants were seated at 8 different tables, with each group assigned its own CPS facilitator from Sheridan College.

Research Highlights:


Upcoming Sectors: Employment (Fall 2017), Wraparound (Winter 2018)