On Sunday, November 9, more than 30 students from Sheridan’s ESL Program travelled to Toronto to visit the Royal Ontario Museum and to explore Toronto’s downtown core. Rujing Wang, an EAP level student who participated in the trip, wrote about her experiences:


A Trip to the ROM

By Rujing Wang

On Sunday November 9th, ESL students took a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum. This was the first time I went to Toronto, and I was really excited.

Elegant and modern were my first impressions of the ROM. Visitors could get into different exhibitions through different staircases. There were so many amazing artworks and cultural treasures that it was difficult to know where to start.

(Photo: Jack Leung)

(Photo: Jack Leung)

With unclear purpose, we set off to the Dinosaur exhibit. The dinosaur skeletons are truly grand and vivid. I could clearly see every inch of their bones and teeth. Because of the size of their skeletons, I could feel their power, and imagine them walking through earth. Afterwards, we went to the Wild Animal section, which contained many extinct animals. The Historical Cultures exhibits from a variety of nations, especially Egypt, were delicate and amazing as well.

The museum is undoubtedly a wonderful place that is suitable for all age groups. Compared to the Qingdao Museum in Qingdao, China, the ROM has religious sculptures and characters from ancient Chinese stories which are not shown in China.

I really appreciate all the work put into organizing and planning this trip. It was a memorable and meaningful experience, and the exhibitions allowed us to travel through the time, and go around the world.

(Photo: Jack Leung)

(Photo: Jack Leung)


Thank you to everyone that came on the trip; we hope you had a great time. A special thank you goes out to the ESL Club for assisting with the planning, and to Natalie Killick and Mark O’Leary, who volunteered their time to be with the students. If you know any ESL students interested in joining the club, or want to give suggestions for events and trips, please email Jack Leung for more information at jacky.leung[at]