Ainsley David: The Drive to Succeed

Ainsley David graduated from high school eight years prior to enrolling in Academic Upgrading at Sheridan College. He credits the skills developed in his Computer, Communications, and Strategies for Success courses for greatly impacting his ability to succeed at the postsecondary level. He noted that his essay writing and computer skills, especially in MS Word and Excel, were significantly enhanced by his studies. Additionally, he developed time management skills and learned techniques to prepare for and write tests and exams effectively.

Photo: Bryan McGowan - B.E. McGowan Photography

(Photo: Bryan McGowan – B.E. McGowan Photography) 

Ainsley completed the Academic Upgrading program at Sheridan in January 2011. He went on to enroll in the Police Foundations program at Sheridan and graduated with a GPA of 3.79. Of his own success he says the following:

I firmly believe that through attending the Academic Upgrading program, I have been provided with the support and environment needed to equip me with the tools that translated into my academic success. Before pursuing my postsecondary education, I felt that it was vital to get my learning back into motion… Thanks to the start that I had in Academic Upgrading at Sheridan College, I know that my future and my family’s future are certainly brighter. I have and will continue to recommend Academic Upgrading at Sheridan College to friends and family looking for ways to improve themselves academically.

Currently, Ainsley works part time as a security guard and volunteers at a corrections facility. He’s also applied for employment with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.