Sheridan Generals

Erminia Bossio (GAS coordinatior) talks about the Sheridan Generals in Training

The Sheridan Generals, aka the Sheridan General Arts and Science Student Committee, were officially grSheridan Generals article Capturing the Flaganted  club status  by the Student Union at the beginning of  November 2013.  The group had been meeting on a biweekly basis for a month prior, nominating and electing group members to the positions determined by members and the group’s faculty facilitator, Erminia Bossio,  and completing the requisite forms needed for club registration.  At present there are fifteen active members: twelve are elected members and three are class representatives.  Elected members include the president, two vice-presidents two fundraising coordinators, two marketing and promotion coordinators and two social activities coordinators. Positions occupied by two members have representation from both Trafalgar and Davis- the two campuses where the General Arts and Science programs are taught.  As well the group has elected a secretary, a treasurer and a sports coordinator.   All positions are listed on Sheridan’s Co-curricular Record (CCR), a new initiative at the college which recognizes student participation in outside classroom activities that develop student learning and personal growth.

Club members have various reasons for joining. A formal record of their participation in extra-curricular activities is a strong motivation for many as the CCR will add value to employment, scholarship and subsequent post-secondary program applications. Others joined to meet and develop working relationships with new people.  Jane Munene, the club’s secretary, a native of Kenya and a graduate of a Mississauga high school that had a predominantly Anglo population, was excited about the cultural mix of the student body at Sheridan’s Brampton campus.  Jane joined to have the experience of working collaboratively with individuals form diverse backgrounds.

During the month of November the Generals were getting their feet wet.  The group held two fundraising events for Movember, raising both money and awareness in the fight against prostate cancer.   As well, the group learned a few things about staging an event.  Next time there will be more promotion and a whole lot more spicy Jamaican patties for sale.

Sheridan Generals T-shirt design

Sheridan Generals T-shirt design

Group members also donned running shoes and shorts to play an energetic game of Capture the Flag at the Davis campus on November 29th and before exam week, members got together to eat and make merry at a club potluck.  In the winter term, the club hopes to promote membership from the fresh intake of General Arts and Science students and to get more students from all three General Arts and Science profiles – Health, College and University, to come out to events. Perhaps social activities coordinator Mishka Taylor’s words best summarize the hopes of the Generals for the new year.  “I joined the Generals because I figured that being new to the school and being quite shy it would be a great way for me to be involved in an extra-curricular and meet new people. I was able to do exactly that, and I find myself looking forward to what is to come!”