Bringing greek mythology to the ILSC

By Katye Seip

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In partnership with Sheridan’s International Centre, the International Language School of Canada (ILSC) offered the School of Communication and Literary Studies the opportunity to address the ILSC final semester EAP students during a 50 minute general education lecture.  The lectures are designed to give the EAP students a sneak-peek at the type of courses and professors they will encounter if they choose to continue their future studies at Sheridan.

On Tuesday, Feb. 4th 2014 I had the unique opportunity to lecture to approximately 20 bright minded EAP students who are considering a future at Sheridan. I was invited to speak about any general education course offered that might spark the students’ interest, so I chose to give the students a glimpse at Classical Mythology. Armed with chocolate covered pomegranate seeds (yes, both delicious and lecture prop for the Myth of Persephone), we explored the reasons why the ancient Greeks, (and every society) needs myths at one point or another. It was exciting to see the room come alive as each student began to consider how culture is formed, and even more so, how we humans might explain death, love, nature, and social norms without the aid of science.

Now ready to dive into Greek mythology, the students learned the importance of obeying authority through the myth of Icarus, and who to honour when they are lost at sea. The students also joined me in the creation of taglines for each of the primary Olympian Gods and Goddesses; for example,  they called Zeus “The Big Boss”, and Demeter “The reason for the seasons”. They quickly came to discover how easy it is to remember who is who when you add your own spin to an ancient idea.

The experience was a wonderful one, it was great to lecture in front of a new audience and see the myths through their eyes.