Kavita earns an MBA

Kavita was generous enough to tell us a little about her experience in earning her recent MBA! Here is what Kavita had to say about the experience:

Pursuing an MBA was my goal ever since I completed my undergraduate program, and after 15 years it has  finally happened. I completed my general MBA in October 2013 through Kaplan University’s online program. I hope to specialize in HR in the future.  KMathew

My capstone project was  a team assignment where our group had to demonstrate managing a company, accompanied by  a virtual marketplace simulation. We had to ensure our company remained not only profitable but also ranked first among the other competitors. The project was the culmination of the various learning  from  the MBA program. I enjoyed the project because it enabled me to demonstrate leadership competencies and apply my knowledge of business systems through individual research, team assignments, and completion of a business simulation. We had to evaluate global business problems integrating ethical considerations for a response that considers multiple stakeholders.  The MBA helped to hone my problem-solving and analytical skills in a dynamic environment.

Congratulations Kavita, on this impressive achievement.