A message from Erminia, the new Interim Coordinator for the Gas program


After a year on sabbatical completing an MA in Rhetoric and Communication Design, I return to Sheridan in a new role as the interim coordinator for the Gas program.   I look forward to rejoining the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, a newly forged faculty in the process of elaborating and  establishing  its ethos and relevance within the Sheridan community.  I am fortunate to be part of FHASS for I work with energetic, creative people who share a passion for pedagogy which engages, enlightens and empowers both students and educators.

As Gas coordinator, I look forward to advancing initiatives which Has Malik, AD Janet Shuh, retiring coordinator Judith Green and faculty in the program have been actively engaged in during the past two years.  These include sustained communication with high schools regarding the opportunities and possibilities offered in the Gas program and continued improvement and expansion of articulations with Ontario universities for graduates of GAS.  As a coordinator in the ESL program, providing support for both students and part-time teachers in the program was a priority; as GAS coordinator I wish to continue to facilitate support for part-time teachers and to explore avenues for increased communication with Student Advisement and a potential learning centre to better support students.

I am excited about being part of a program that is continually looking for ways to enhance the learning for its students.  Last year, as a result of the work of faculty members such as Tara Hayes, a lab component to complement Biology courses and a math course specific to the Health profile were introduced. In the future Janet Shuh is looking to develop a 2 year science stream and to forge articulations with universities for this stream. The planned expansion of the program website to showcase the breath of the student experience and teacher expertise within the program is very important.  And as coordinator, communicating the value of the Gas program for students contemplating university studies and/or students who are uncertain about what path they may wish to pursue in the future will be a primary goal.