Patsy Marshall’s Students Push Their Boundaries!

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”.

                                             — Oliver Wendell Holmes

An assignment given to our students in the Principles of Creative Problem-Solving course involves them trying a new experience and reflecting on the outcome as they describe their deepest thoughts and emotions. Trying their choice of a new experience enables students to navigate their journey to acquire new problem-solving competencies. These competencies translate into a plethora of benefits including openness to new ideas, self-efficacy, intellectual stimulation, overcoming fear, taking risks and learning from mistakes, overall enjoyment, along with the thrill of meeting new people. Students learn how trying new experiences shape the person they will become as they leave their comfort zone.

Attached are samples of student work from one of Patricia Marshall’s students this term, demonstrating the value of this assignment. Enjoy!