Lisa Droogendyk assumes GASU Coordinator Role

Greetings from the new General Arts and Sciences Coordinator! Having served as the General Arts and Sciences Faculty Advisor last semester, I am excited to take on this new role where I can work closely with Dalia and our… Read More

Dalia Hanna (AD) Presents Research at ICERI & Ed Tech Conferences

Last year, Dalia Hanna (Associate Dean, School of Social & Life Science) engaged in several research opportunities, highlighting the outcomes of research and development work conducted within Sheridan and extending her postdoctoral interdisciplinary work.  Dalia presented virtually and… Read More

Jennifer Phenix’s Lessons about Greek Myth Inspire Student’s Professional Work

Jennifer Phenix’s courses about Greek Myth are providing fodder for professional illustrator Kai Lui’s work after graduation. In Jennifer’s Degree Breadth Elective Myths of the Greek Gods, students are invited to create a visual piece of a Greek… Read More

Patsy Marshall’s Students Push Their Boundaries!

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”.                                              — Oliver Wendell Holmes An assignment given to our students in the Principles of Creative Problem-Solving course involves them trying… Read More

Remembering Peter Steven

By Michael Baker It was with sadness that FHASS learned over the winter holiday of the passing of our retired colleague, Peter Steven (1950-2023). Peter arrived to Sheridan in 2007 and was a Professor of Film Studies until his… Read More

Alchemy Quiz: Sheridan Acronym, Or Text Message Abbreviation?

What is your teenager talking about in text messages? What are we talking about at work? Which one should you be more worried about? Half of the items on the following list are Sheridan; half are TXT MSG… Read More