wererabbit: Professor Paul Vermeersch’s new musical alter ego

Creative Writing & Publishing professor Paul Vermeersch is already well-known in literary circles as a poet and literary editor, but the author of seven poetry collections doesn’t limit his creative output to the written word.  

Photo Provided by Paul Vermeersch

In addition to serving as the senior editor of Wolsak and Wynn Publishers Ltd. and the editor-in-chief of FHASS’s own literary magazine The Ampersand Review of Writing & Publishing, Paul is also a visual artist and composer of experimental electronic music. 

He began collaborating on musical projects with the Texan-born, Toronto-based novelist A. G. Pasquella in 2017, and together they have released three compilations of music they call “outsider electronic art-pop” under the name LASERGNU.  

During the pandemic lockdowns, Paul also began working on a new solo musical project that took his sound in a new direction. Inspired by ambient music and composers like Brian Eno, Wendy Carlos, Laurie Spiegel, Boards of Canada, and Mark Mothersbaugh, he adopted the name wererabbit and has released three compilations so far: Music from the Life of Lamb 5-2-3VIR, and Sounds Emanating from Glowing Cube.  

You can check it out for yourself at https://wererabbit.bandcamp.com