Joel Lopata and Nathaniel Barr publish on Creativity in Education

Nathaniel Barr

Congratulations to Professors Joel Lopata and Nathaniel Barr, who have had a paper accepted to a special issue of Translational Issues in Psychology Science! The article, Dual-modes of Creative Thought in the Classroom: Implications of Network Neuroscience for Creativity Education, will appear in a 2022 issue devoted to Psychological Science and Creativity. Written in collaboration with two scholars from Duke University’s Mind at Large Lab, the article explores the educational value of associative and analytic modes of creative thinking.

Here is their Public Significance Statement:

Joel Lopata

Contemporary cognitive science and creativity neuroscience researchers are making exciting discoveries regarding the modes of thought benefitting creativity—a 21st century educational priority. This article reviews these discoveries and shares their educational implications. The authors advance the notion that associative and analytic modes of creative thought are important learning objectives that will enrich student creativity. Recommendations for educational practice and future research are provided.

Congratulations to Nathaniel and Joel!