Jelena Marelj on Shakespeare’s Characters

Prof. Jelena Marelj’s book, Shakespearean Character: Language in Performance, was recently published by the Arden Shakespeare (Bloomsbury UK). The book explores the astounding lifelikeness of Shakespeare’s most memorable and linguistically complex dramatic characters. Marelj uses theories drawn from linguistic pragmatics to explain how the three-dimensionality (or what she calls the “character effect”) of five of Shakespeare’s protagonists is produced.

The book is intended not only for an academic audience (faculty members and post-graduate students) but also for theatre professionals (directors, actors, etc.). 

Jelena Marelj holds a PhD in English from Queen’s University, with a specialization in early modern literature. She has been teaching at Sheridan since 2014 (as a part-time and as a partial-load faculty member).

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