FHASS joins the SRCAs!

The brilliant faculty in FHASS have been inordinately successful at winning SRCA funding since the program’s launch last year; the trend continues as we congratulate recent recipients Michelle Szabo and Danielle Freitas on their successful project proposals (below).


Project Title: Assessing the Impact of Student Involvement in SRCA Projects on the Student Experience

Project Lead: Dr. Michelle Szabo, in collaboration with Dr. Christian Knudsen and Janet Shuh

Method: Online Survey which will recruit student participants and ask them about their experiences with SRCA projects they’ve worked on (course-based, co-curricular or as a paid research assistant).

Goal: One of the SRCA goals in FHASS, as expressed in the SRCA strategic plan is to “enhance student experience through curricular/non-curricular SRCA (scholarship, research and creative activities) opportunities”. Metrics to measure success in this area are quantitative and qualitative data on “the impact of research involvement/engagement on students’ development (academic, professional and personal) and their overall educational experience”. This survey aims to help advance the SRCA strategic plan by gathering quantitative and qualitative data about student experiences of involvement in faculty-led SRCA research and creative projects.


Project Title: Learning to Teach English in the TESOL Plus Graduate Certificate Program

Project Lead: Dr. Danielle Freitas

Summary: The project proposes to investigate the phenomenon of becoming an English language teacher during the TESOL Plus Graduate Certificate Program at Sheridan College. It seeks to explore what it means for graduates of this program to learn how to teach as well as what constitutes the nature of such a process. It employs an explanatory sequential mixed-methods research design and utilizes a Sociocultural Perspective of Language Teacher Education as its theoretical framework.