Meet Professor Violet Funk

Violet Funk was herself an international student in the United States and understands first hand

Photo: Violet Funk

Photo: Violet Funk

what the international students go through at Sheridan. After graduating, she went to work in the banking industry in Malaysia, Singapore and Canada. Lending money and making sure it gets paid back was very challenging!

Violet later decided that teaching English in the post-secondary level was the path she wanted to follow and she went back to school. She has taught foreign trained professionals English and Inter-Cultural Business Communications and wrote a curriculum for a school board. She joined Sheridan in 2007 teaching LINC; now she teaches ESL and enjoys it! She wants her students to enjoy college life as much as she did.

Violet loves music, movies, books and travelling. Growing up, her father taught her that no one can take away from her the benefits of studying and travelling – a legacy she maintains.

She also believes there is much to be done to help the not-so-fortunate, so she tries to do what she can in her spare time.

On the horizon she sees Spain, France, Korea, Egypt, Australia…………

Violet Funk takes Alchemy’s Proust Questionnaire:

My favourite virtue: Kindness.

My favourite quality in a student: Enthusiasm.

Moment in my life I’d like to re-live: Tubing down the Apple River with friends and a keg.

Word I overuse in the classroom: (as told by my students) “Alright?”

Talent I wish I had: The ability to play a string instrument.

Country I’d like to visit: Do I have to pick one? Spain.

My favourite painter: Caravaggio.